Synthesizer: KX77FREE - KX-Synth-X16 / Pc / Free


KX77FREE launches KX-Synth-X16, a free vintage modular monophonic synth for Windows based on the VCS3 structure.
Three variable shape oscillators.
Noise generator.
Ring modulation.
Two external inputs.
LP filter, 18 db per octave with self oscillating
Same structure of the matrix (16*16)
XY joystick
Modern skin with notepad and variable color background.
Keyboard controls to the oscillators and filter, -10 volts to 10 volts, useful for keyboard scaling.
You can adjust the response curve of the oscillators.
256 mini knobs to adjust the plot modulation, 0 to 1.
The original ASR (trapezoid) is extended to 2 ADSR with Host synchronization.
Delay fx with Host synchronization.
Midi controllers.

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“This old EMS synthesizer is great with its modern matrix concept, its joystick and its possibility to do feedback patches.” Link
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