Synthesizer: Tone2 – Gladiator 2

Gladiator 2

Tone2 announces Gladiator 2 for this Christmas. New features in this synth are:

Improved sound: Ultra quality with 256 voices and 6 new unison modes
A large number of new patches with 6657 additional waveforms
HCM3 synthesis engine with phase modifier for analogue, noise and supersaw sounds
14 new effects: Autopan, tremolo, ringmod, phaser, flanger 2, super strings, pitch shifter, 2 reverbs, 3 filters, talkbox, feedback-delay
Subosc (OSC5) with 21 new waveforms
Improved filters, Moog filter
4 envelopes, 4 envelope shapers, 4 LFOs, mod matrix with 12 slots and new routings, pan for each OSC
Improved user interface and random patch generation

Read more about Gladiator here.
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price: €149, $199

“This new synthesis method is based on a large and expandable repertoire of standard waves like pulse, unique synthetic waveforms as well as resynthesis waves like trumpets, organs, pianos and voice samples. These waves can be modified in real-time by e.g. FM modulation, altering its harmonic structure, syncing, waveshaping,...” Link
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