Effect: AZ AUDIO – ADopplerEn2 / Pc / Free


AZ Audio unveils ADopplerEn2, an free (donationware) effect plugin for Windows.
The effect consists of eight parallel similar audio processing chain featuring a delay tape reader, a stereo panner, a multi mode filter and an amplitude modulator. Each sub block of the processing chain can be modulated by one of the eight low frequency oscillators. All lfos can produce various standard shapes and can be synced between themselves.
It can produce a wide variety of effects: doppler, autopanner, rich chorus ,stereo enhancer, flanger, multi taps delay, reverberators and more.
The first version the effect is totally free to use (donationware). Please give a donation to AZ Audio if you use it.
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“This effect is based over the old ADopplerEn, which was a simple effect designed to produce the doppler effect with a panner, a delay modulated by an lfo.” AZ AUDIO
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