Effect: Blue Cat Audio - Blue Cat's Protector 1.1

Blue Cat's Protector

Blue Cat Audio updates Blue Cat’s Protector, a stereo brickwall limiter to version 1.1.
Mac Audio Unit and VST support.
PC DirectX and VST improvements:
New installer (much faster install, improved upgrades).
Automation output can now be disabled for hosts that do not propose automated parameters choice.
(Bug Fix): fixed MIDI learn issues.
(Bug Fix): window opacity is now properly reset when selecting factory presets.

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Price: 53.10 EUR / $71.10
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“Beyond its powerful dynamics processing features, and like most of our plugins, Blue Cat's Protector also offers a powerful side chain capability thanks to its MIDI CC output. This unique technique not only lets you do side chain limiting but also parameters modulation: control any parameter of any plugin to create powerful side chain effects in real time.” Blue Cat Audio
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