Effect: KResearch - KR-Imager STR 1.2

KResearch updates the stereo image enhancer effect - KR-Imager STR to version 1.2.
Changes in this version:
Strong Transform Mode which achieves wider channel separation.
New Gain control for Strong Transform Mode.
Version 1.0 - 1.1 presets are supported in the "Normal Transform" mode.
New Skin.
Compatibility fixes for Vista and Vista 64bit.
Compatibility fixes for Windows XP and Windows XP 64bit.

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Price: 89 dollar
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“The KR-Imager STR can be used to process in terms of stereo imaging MONO audio signals as well as to enhance already existing STEREO audio material. When used with already existing STEREO audio KR-Imager STR further enhances the existing stereo image by widening the input audio signal at it’s output.” KResearch

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