Synthesizer: GForce Software - impOSCar 2

impOSCar 2

GForce Software unveils info about impOSCar 2, the successor to the synth impOSCar.
New features:

PWM on both oscillators.
Aux Mod Section with comprehensive routing
Additional LFO.
Improved LFO sync options.
New Modulation & Controller Routing options.
Pink noise.
Vastly Improved Arpeggiator.
Chord Hold & Retrigger from a single key.
Controller Section Featuring Channel & Poly Aftertouch.
Mod Wheel Controls now switchable between Aftertouch, Expression and Mod Wheel.
Pan Spread Modes (left to right, Random etc) and Spread Amount Control.
Mono & Poly Unison Modes (up to 8 voice poly unison).
Unison Voice Spread
Portamento Spread on Unison glides.
New Chorus Modes.
Ring Modulation.
External Audio Input with the new FX version.
Release Velocity Response.
Small, Medium & Large GUI sizes.
Info about impOSCar 1

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Too early for release date and price. Link

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