Synthesizer: H.G. Fortune – Atonoise / Pc / Pro / Free


H.G. Fortune  unveils Atonoise, an atonal noise VSTi synthesizer for spooky, SciFi sounds.
Some Features:
Two oscillators each with a level adjust and both followed by one amp ADSR EG.
Four modifiers: Inferno and Spook 1 to Spook 3.

Atonoise Pro is available for only 9 Euro
There is also a free version without the Effect (synth only).

“This is a VSTi synthesizer and in Pro version VST effect for fairly spooky, SciFi and others alike sounds. It's got no filter by design and you won't hardly ever hear the basic waveforms. It's working atonal i.e. with no real defined pitch therefore it is not what you might expect - instead this one is esp. for various kinds of noisy sounds.” H.G. Fortune

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