Synthesizer: Moppel – Sonitarium 1.2 / Pc / Free

Moppel updates the FREE Windows synth Sonitarium to version 1.2.


About 40% less CPU drain (only on systems supporting SSE2 instructions, eg. Pentium4, Athlon64 or later).
Fixed crackling noise when running multiple synth instances on multi-core systems.
22 new presets by runagate.
Fixed potential pops and sticking notes.
Limited the maximum generated frequency to 21kHz even at sample rates greater than 44.1kHz to avoid volume change at different sample rates.
Downward compatible to v1.0/v1.0a.
Read more about Sonitarium here.
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“Sonitarium employs a variant of DSF synthesis with aliasing-free oscillators that generate a quadrature stereo signal. Providing up to 100 oscillators per voice, Sonitarium is most suitable for smooth pads, layered leads, and some oddities.” Moppel
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