Audio Editor: Fasoft - n-Track Studio 6.0.3 Build 2449

n-Track Studio v6.0

FASoft updates n-Track Studio to version 6.0.3 Build 2449.
MIDI tracks now have parts similar to audio tracks [New Feature]
When dragging a .wav or .mid file into n-Track (from a folder or from a VSTi plugin such as n-Track Drums or EZDrummer) the program shows where the parts will end up when dropped [New Feature]
Trial period can now be extended obtaining trial registration codes from website [New Feature]
Compatibility fix for EZDrummer VSTi
Compatibility fix for Melodyne VST plugin
Ghost copies of MIDI parts allow editing the part once and have the edit reflected on all ghosted parts [New Feature]
Transpose up/down control, supports increments of 1/100 of a semitone [New Feature]
MIDI part transpose [New Feature]
Matrix Editing [New Feature]
Preferences/MIDI option to save Track settings (volume, pan etc.) as MIDI events in exported Midi file [New Feature]
No longer asks to use MIDI file tempo map when dragging and dropping .mid file [Bug Fix]
Faster loading of .sng files that have lots of MIDI parts [Performance]
Price: $64

Read about earlier releases here.

“The perfect tool for professional quality audio recording and editing” FASoft
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