Audio Tool: Digital Audio Renovation - Digital Audio Renovation (DAR) Plugin


Digital Audio Renovation unveils the Digital Audio Renovation (DAR) VST Plugin for Windows. Looks very useful.
The plugin overcomes the serious flaws associated with 'digitisis' such as over-bright high frequencies, harsh and blurry cymbals and drums, boomy bass and a muddled mid-range. DAR-processed music combines all the warmth and musicality of vinyl with all the reliability and convenience of digital.
DAR integrates with software audio players such as Winamp, Foobar2000 and XMPlay.
Permanent DAR-improved files can be created in most common digital formats such as Wav, MP3 and Flac. These can then be burned to CD or loaded onto portable audio players.
Price: £35.00

“Digital Audio Renovation (DAR) is a software-based audio processor which dramatically improves digital sound quality.” Link