Effect: Auraplug – Whamdrive / Pc / Free

Whamdrive Distortion

AuraPlug launches Whamdrive, a FREE Pitch shifter / Distortion Effect for Windows. Looks great!

* Stompbox design
* Real-time, low latency processing for live performances
* 14 different pitch modes
* Distortion with cabinet simulation
* Easy to use
* All parameters are MIDI controllable

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“Whamdrive is a VST plug-in to shift the pitch of an incoming audio signal. It allows you to pitch an incoming audio stream in realtime with an external MIDI foot controller or with the GUI controls.” Auraplug
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  1. Anonymous04:09

    How can I download this?, I don't see a download link.

  2. Well, you must go to their homepage to download it. There is a link to "Auraplug" last in the post.


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