Effect: TwistedLemon - SideKick4


Twisted Lemon launches SideKick4, a Compressor with build-in side-chain for Pc.
You will be able to make a side-chaining setup just by loading two instances of the VST plugin and linking them together by selecting one of the thirty-two build-in virtual buses.
Some changes since the last version:
32 stereo virtual channels for side-chain routing.
Virtual channels are upgraded to virtual buses, making it easier to create side-chain mixes. And thereby supports (virtually) unlimited instances of SideKick4.
Ratio & gain control, Lifting the effect up from a gate effect to full compressor. 
Optional stereo-linking, by turning stereo-linking off you can create expressive stereo ducking & keying effects.
Multiple audio input and output meters creating better transparency in the interface for side-chain routing.
All parameters, including the side-chain routing can be automated and saved by the VST host. This ensures the side-chain routing will stay intact after saving and closing your project.

Price: 14.99 EUR

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“Creating a side-chaining effect in most VST sequencers can be quite a hassle. The purpose of SideKick4 is to make this process a lot easier.” TwistedLemon
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