Sounds: New Atlantis Audio – Polar Elements


New Atlantis Audio has released Polar Elements, A Reason ReFill that Raises Money for Charity.
This Refill captures the icy vibes of winter and turns them into a set of playable Combinator instruments for your Reason rack. These 50 sampler-based Combinators are designed to add serious depth and drama to your music. Featuring rich, evolving ambient pads, intense frozen atmospheres and soundscapes, and many other chilled out elements for your music.

The waveforms were made using a variety of special sampling and synthesis techniques. In one example, they sampled a bowed upright bass and, using additive synthesis, combined it with outdoor winter field recordings and an analog synth.

There are custom routing and Combinator performance controls for every instrument to allow even more sonic power. Use the knobs to tweak leads into soundscapes, or a plucked guitar into the sound of a windstorm.

Polar Elements is available as an instant download (14MB) for a limited time price of just $5.
A portion of the proceeds of this sale will go directly to help protect the resources and wildlife of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Northern Alaska.

Here are more Sounds, Loops and Samples.

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