Sounds: Puremagnetik - Microtron Tape 1

Microtron Tape 1

Puremagnetik launches Microtron Tape 1 MicroPak. Authentically recaptures the legendary Brass, 8 Voice Choir and String Section sounds of the Mellotron M400.

It contains Brass, 8 Voice Choir and String Section library. All of the original imperfections, vintage analog quality and performance nuances of the Mellotron M400 have been captured.

The Ableton Live version contains 3 individual multi-sampled instruments and a full "tape" instrument. It also comes packed with 50 Live Clips complete with Macro and effects integration.

The Kontakt version includes all 3 multi-sampled instruments complete with effects and a custom KSP user interface. Logic and Kontakt versions both include a collection of Apple Loops in SIAL format. For more information, visit their web site at

Price: Subscriptions starts at $5.75 USD
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