Synth: sineqube – kapling / Mac / Free


Sineqube unveils Kapling, a FREE standalone physical modeling synthesizer application for Mac OS X, made with Max/MSP 5.

• 8 independent synth voices
• 32-step sequencer
• realtime timbral controls
• randomized initial impulse to provide natural variation over time
• tempo-synced stereo delay
• store presets for pitch, sequences, and timbre, and export them to disk
• record output directly to disk as an aiff file
• cpu monitor helps keep track of the tax on your system
• each voice has a hotkeyed mute switch for ease of live use
freeware (donations are welcome)

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“It is based on the Karplus-Strong algorithm. Kapling uses this method to attempt the emulation of resonant bodies, like a string being plucked, or melodic percussion instrument being struck.” sineqube
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