DAW: Cockos – REAPER v2.56


Cockos updates the fully featured DAW / Sequencer - Reaper to version 2.56.
Changes this time:

Fixed drag and drop of sends/hardware outputs in mixer view when using hardware outputs
Old recording item selection behavior now only affects item-autopunch mode
CC parameter meta-actions now also work on midpoints for absolute CCs/etc
Select all items in track (doubleclick TCP) now sets context to items
Fixed MIDI timing in ReWire slave mode, support for running in FL Studio
ReWire slave mode forces playrate to 1.0
Fixed MIDI item trim bugs with selected notes
Fixed some PCM source seek rounding errors
Fixed a bug in vertical GR metering 
Hiding dock windows now removes focus from them
MP3 decoder seek improvements
29.97DF ruler corrected
ReaSamplomatic: better note name reporting
Fixed auto-add of plugin envelopes for correct values
installer: Fixed Vista/Windows 7 compatibility warnings
OS X: new directory structure and simplified install process
Updated registration to store in install path as well
Fix for trimming MIDI items on split in certain looped instances
Much faster redraws for some VSTs
Fixed mute master/slave grouped automation recording

Price: From $50.00 USD
REAPER is uncrippled unexpiring shareware.

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“REAPER is a fully featured multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment.” Cockos
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