Effect: 2CAudio - aether


2CAudio unveils Aether, an Auto Randomizing Algorithmic Reverb Software plugin.
Some of the features:

Extreme precision floating-point engine
Pervasive Auto-Randomizing scheme throughout the entire algorithm
Non-Exponential Decay curves.
Early Reflection and Late Reflection Engines.
33 Space Type Models.
Over 250 factory presets
Reverb Decay Time range from 0.10sec to 120sec plus an Infinite Decay Mode.
Frequency Dependant Decay Time Scaling.
True Stereo and Hybrid Stereo modes.
Coded in assembly and optimized with SSE
4 sample latency.
Supported Sample Rates of up to 192K.
Price: Introductory pricing of $249.95. Ordinary price: $349.95

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“First and foremost, Aether sounds absolutely incredible. We believe it is one of the best sounding reverbs on the market. Period. The rest is just detail.” 2CAudio
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