Effect: Audio Damage - BigSeq2


Audio Damage unveils BigSeq2, a gate effect plugin for both Mac and Pc. Looks really great.

» Ten effects in six blocks, each with its own step sequencer, modulation sequencer, and time base.
» The gate and modulation sequencers for each effect block run on their own time-base, allowing different time signatures and step times for each effect.
» Each block has several parameters which can be altered via the modulation sequencer for that block.
» The effects blocks can be re-arranged in any order.
» Each sequencer has three independent modes of operation: forward, reverse, and random step. In addition, each of the twelve sequencers can be completely randomized at regular selectable intervals.
» The included effects are VCA, pan, multi-mode filter, fuzz, sine warp, delay, frequency shifter, sample rate reduction, bit depth, and their own "Error" effect.
» MIDI Learn on all published parameters.

"With twelve sequencers controlling ten effects in six blocks, BigSeq2 is capable of everything from short staccato gate sequences to long, evolving filter sweeps and frequency shifts, and everything in between." Audio Damage
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