Effect: Jeroen Breebaart - Red Phatt Pro 1.0.1

Red Phatt Pro

Jeroen Breebaart unveils Red Phatt Pro 1.0.1,  a dynamics processor effect plugin for Windows.

Zero latency processing optimized for both live and studio use;
Mono and stereo operation modes;
Support for all sampling frequencies supported by the plugin host;
Support for 64-bits audio data for high-end use;
Mono or stereo sidechain input for broadcast or advanced music production purposes;
Higher-order level detector with controllable filter and hysteresis for maximum control of the detected signal envelopes;
Variable attack, hold and release characteristics;
Ultra fast attack rates down to 0.0001 seconds and release times down to 0.001 seconds
Different release curves for more sonic variety;
Dual-ratio compression / expansion curves for maximum dynamics flexibility supporting both upward and downward compression;
Support for parallel compression;
Integrated zero-latency peak limiter;
Clear user interface and display with dry input/output curve, effective input/output curve, current input level, compressor and limiter gains for visual inspection of plugin operation;
Variety of categorized presets to quickly set all 19 parameters depending on the desired use case.

Price: 10.00 EUR
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“Whether you need smooth and transparent dynamic range reduction, gating, expansion, New York-style compression, or simply squeeze a drum track to phatten the sound, Red Phatt Pro will perform the job for you. “ Jeroen Breebaart

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