Instrument: Tonehammer - Waterphone

Tonehammer Waterphone

Tonehammer launches Waterphone, a waterphone instrument sample library for Kontakt.
Some Features:
Mallet Rubber
Mallet Metal
Hand Played “Metal Tabla”
Wooden Mallet
Hydro Mallets
Rubber, Metal and Wooden Mallet Sweeps 
Waterphone Ambiences
Hydro-Vocal drones, phrases and more… 
57 instrument patches, 2.903 samples, 4.3 GB installed, 1.25 GB download
22 Ambient Patches 
Sample resolution: 44.1Khz/16Bit stereo .wav format

Price: $89 introduction offer. Normal price: $99

"contains a mighty 2.903 samples recorded with a variety of bows, a huge set of mallets, metal devices, hands and other contraptions." Tonehammer
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