Sampler: discoDSP - HighLife R3 / Pc / Linux / Free

discoDSP launches HighLife R3, a Free Open Source sampler for PC and Linux. Really great sampler.

Zone parameters root key, low key, high key, low velocity, high velocitycan can now be modified from the zone editor panel.
A couple of wave files that were refused by the previous version will now load fine.
Loopinfo will not be used if loopstart > loopend
When creating loop crossfades Highlife now implements a equal power crossfade instead of the previously used equal gain crossfade.
Highlife won't crash anymore whenever a sample can't be opened. Instead an error message is displayed and the load process is reverted.

SFZ Parser:

Sample path can be relative or absolute to any location on the storage media.
Path names may contain blank spaces.
The <group> header can now be used.
<key> opcode is now recognized.
Comments can be put on the same line with opcodes.

“HighLife R3 now has greatly improved sfz import, more in line with the official sfz specs.” discoDSP

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  1. Im looking for free recording software that is compatible with Reason. Also any info on where to find free sounds for Reason.

  2. Can any reader help him with these questions?


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