Synthesizer: michael benjamin voigt - dmu sine 1.96 / Pc / Free

dmu sine

Michael Benjamin Voigt launches dmu sine 1.96, a free (donationware) synth for Windows.

+ high quality sinus oscillator with a pleasant sound covering all the human hearing range
+ simple virtual arithmetic model, no simulation of some existing instrument
+ custom 5 stage volume envelope 
+ 2 dedicated lfos for tremolo & vibrato
+ lowcut and midcut equalizer plus pan & key2pan for easy balancing/mixing/positioning and a natural piano-like stereo image
+ custom mono compatible light stereo chorus effect
+ custom final gain with light saturation
+ easy automation setup with minimum and maximum settings for all parameters
+ 16 programs with predefined modwheel and aftertouch modulations
+ 108 directly accessible microtunings
+ quick help panel
+ one single file, no copy protection, no installation, just put it into your vst plugin folder

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“dmu sine v1.96 / one oscillator sine synthesizer / vsti 2.3 (win)” michael benjamin voigt
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