Effect: QuikQuak - UpStereo 2.0 Beta E / Pc / Mac / Free


QuikQuak unveils UpStereo 2.0 Beta E, a free stereo enhancer plugin for both Pc and Mac.
Some Features:

* Loudness control enables a complex saturator to boost your
* Stereo width slider going from mono to wide, bringing the
   stereo image out and towards the listener.
* Subtle Air & Bass boosters to lift and help the audio

Changes in this version:

* Slowdowns in some hosts fixed.
* New option screen with camera position choices.
* GUI works with different angles.
* Smoother metering, with faster response times.
* Faster resource loading.

Here are more Effects, Plugins and Filters.

“it makes your mixes bigger, in stereo width and loudness” QuikQuak


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  1. Man.. you guys sure do make it hard to find the actual download link. Ok... I give up. Where is it?

  2. How hard can it be? If you click on the Developers name QuikQuak just over the "Related Posts" links, then it will take you to the developers website. It's their software. They have the download link. We don't.


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