Synthesizer: Audioxygen - Gemini

Audioxygen launches Gemini, a VST synth for Windows. Looks cool.
Some Features:

Analogue sound with a detuning algorithm.

Radical Resonance and Distortion behavior down to the lowest sub frequencies.

2 interacting step sequencers

Easy to operate. Every knob turn really changes the sound, like Macro controls.

Price: 19 EURO
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“It excels in Raging techno baselines, Psy/Goa FX, Hardstyle Screams, Huge trance pads and much more.” Audioxygen

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  1. Anonymous07:51

    hmmm...I like the sound demos of this software. Anyone knows how to install this?

  2. RinandoV19:37

    RTFM ;-)

    yes,also like the demoz, sound of this little synth seems very powerful/analog to me


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