Synthesizer: Togu Audio Line - TAL-Elek7ro / Pc / Mac / Free

VST TAL-Elek7ro

Togu Audio Line launches TAL-Elek7ro, a free virtual analog synth for both Mac and Pc. Looks great!

2 oscillators with hardsync, PW and FM.
1 sub oscillator.
1 noise oscillator.
18dB or 12dB non linear analog modeled low pass resonance filter.
Mono mode, including portamento.
Poly mode, up to 6 voices.
2 free routable Lfo's.
Filter and amplifier ADSR-envelope.
Free routable AD-envelope.
Mod-wheel and Pitch-Wheel support.
Midi Learn for all pots.
Velocity to filter contour intensity.
Panic button.

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“ This synth is useful for a wide range of sounds from percusion to deep bass sounds. “ TAL

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  1. how do i get this software????please tell me!!!

  2. Well... What do you think happens when you click on the link that goes to their homepage? Click on the word "TAL" and see...


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