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Topten Software launches Catabile 2 and the new Cantabile Performer. A new version of the FREE Cantabile Lite has also been released. Looks cool.
Cantabile Lite. Price: Free
A free host designed for use as a quick VST scratch pad, or for users just getting started.

Cantabile Solo. Price: $40
Intended for home hobbyists and casual users who need a more flexibility, including unlimited plugins and racks, preset morph and randomize tools, MIDI filters, MIDI controller assignments and session lists.

Cantabile Performer. Price: $150
Designed specifically with live performance in mind, Performer adds features like sub-sessions, partial sends, MIDI Clock, MIDI routing tables and triggers.

Changes since 1.2:

All Editions

Audio file playback support. (wave and mp3)
Support for multiple triggerable audio/MIDI players. (maximum of 2 in Lite)
Recordings list panel, shows all recordings in a session with options to auto-delete unwanted recordings.
Inplace plugin editor.
Ability to import and export racks.
Separate bypass and suspend settings on plugins.
Save Plugin Selector Preset command.
Ability to record audio input and output simultaneously.
Constant Latency MIDI.
External Tools.
Musical time MIDI recording.
Enforce program change option on plugins.
Null Audio Driver.
Improved synchronization between metronome and media files.
Ability to capture keyboard even when other applications are active and keyboard capture now automatically disables when on a text box.
Support for Wave64 audio files.
Faster session switching.
Office 2007 style “Fluent” user-interface.
Customizable Quick Access toolbar and Status bar.
Pinnable recent session menu keeps favorite sessions handy.
Undo/redo, drag/drop and clipboard support
Ability to hide, resize and maximize panels on the main window.
Ability to automatically run Cantabile when Window's starts.
Tray icon and ability to minimize to tray.
GUI for managing plugins to include/exclude during plugin scan.
Manually loading a plugin now automatically adds the plugin to the plugin selector.
New file format considerably reduces size of saved sessions.
Improved options dialog.
Improved usability from PC keyboard.
Improved performance on multi-core CPUs.
x64 build.
Integrated jBridge support allows use of x86 plugins in x64 version of Cantabile.
New 100+ page printable PDF user-guide.
many other miscellaneous improvements.

Cantabile Solo

Everything from above, plus:

Per rack keyboard split and transpose settings.
Session lists (replace Quick Sessions, new UI)
8 customizable on-screen MIDI controllers.
Support for Unloaded plugins - plugin is unloaded, but Cantabile maintains its state.
Ability to create per-session MIDI controller assignments for global items.
Ability right click most UI elements to assign MIDI controller.
New MIDI filters - Suppress Events, Button Bank, Key Range, Velocity Gate, Pitched Base Velocity Ramp.
More flexible MIDI Controller Assignments - assign MIDI notes, RPN/NRPN events, Real-time Sysex Volume and Balance and MMC commands.
MIDI Controller Assignments user-interface improvements.

Cantabile Performer

Everything from above, plus:

Sub-sessions - allows saving multiple named states within the one session.
Session lists support loading session/sub-session pairs.
MIDI routing table - easily route MIDI events from input ports to racks or external devices.
Triggers - send MIDI configuration events on session load, sub-session load, transport play etc.
Partial sends - two optional partial sends per rack allow routing part of an audio signal to another rack.
Large Status Panel - large font display of current song, next song, transport position etc.
Ability to send and receive MIDI clock.
Support for 64-bit audio processing and recording.
Off-line Renderer.

What's Been Removed

Plugin Organiser.
MIDI controller assignments (removed from Cantabile Lite only)
MIDI filters (removed from Cantabile Lite only)

Read more about the previous version here.

“Topten Software is proud to announce the release of Cantabile 2.0 and a new edition – Cantabile Performer.” Topten

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