DAW: Cockos – Reaper 3.0 / Pc / Mac / Pro / Free

reaper 3

Cockos unveils version 3 of their great DAW / Sequencer Reaper! Looks awesome!
Some Changes & New Features:

Automation lanes
Nested track folders
Multiple tabbed projects
Multichannel (greater than stereo) media support, including MOGG
FX parameter controls on track and mixer control panels
Customize toolbar icons and actions
Programmable MIDI joystick/game controller support
Inline MIDI editing
Edit multiple MIDI items in one editor
Sync MIDI editor to arrange view, including looped items
Export project MIDI, with tempo map support
MIDI event filter
Track MIDI controls (manage bank/program changes, sysex, automate CC)
MIDI hardware timing improvements
Full sysex support
All-native graphics rendering engine (better appearance and performance)
Memory use improvements
Soft controller takeover, including FX parameters


$225: full commercial license.
$60: discounted license.

There is also a FREE uncrippled evaluation version available. If you decide that REAPER is for you, please purchase a license.

Read more about the previous versions of Reaper here.

“We didn’t hide REAPER 3 until we were ready to market it. Instead, we offered our pre-release builds in public to all of our users” Cockos

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  1. Anonymous18:15

    Perfect. I love it!

    I'm using Reaper since february and can't imagine getting back to any other multitrack software.


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