Effect: Algorithmix - LP SplitComp

LP SplitComp

Algorithmix unveils LP SplitComp, A Linear-Phase Split Compressor Effect for Windows. Looks great, but has a bit hefty price...

High-resolution linear-phase split filters allowing perfect band reconstruction after processing: low-cut, high-cut, band-pass, band-cut
Different modes: full-band, split-band, full-band parallel, selective parallel
Smoothly tunable between compressor and limiter character
Adjustable soft knee
Intelligent auto-release
Side-Chain EQ
Parameterized soft clipper
Reliable operation with up to 384 kHz sampling frequency, thus perfectly suitable for high-resolution DSD post-production
Oversampling to avoid unwanted alias-frequencies typical in digital compressors
All internal calculations in double floating-point accuracy (80 bits)
Exact parameter editing via numerical fields
Three fast accessible presets for quick setup comparison
Several instances can be simultaneously opened
Complete setup exchange among simultaneously opened instances

Price: €1490
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“The split function allows dynamic processing only in the band of interest” Algorithmix

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