Instrument: H.G. Fortune - X-Wheel of Fortune 6 / Pc / Pro / Free

X-Wheel of Fortune 6

H.G. Fortune launches X-Wheel of Fortune 6 (X-WoF 6), a multipart music system instrument for Windows.
262 inbuilt scales (Pentatonic, Hexatonic and Heptatonic)
10 inbuilt soundengines: two synthesizers for Pad parts, one for Bass, one for high sequences, one for Athmo-loops and OneShot sounds plus 5 percussion instruments.

…and much more!

Major differences between Pro and FREE version:
* presets/patches: Pro = 64 / Free = 4 fully useable and 28 with additional voice overs at varying intervals during playback
and forced switching of edit panels - anyway switching back to any other panel is possible;
* Athmo/One shot Part: Pro 100 waves / Free = only 60 waves (... ehem ... the more interesting waves are from 61 to 100)
* MIDI Out: Pro for all internally generated note events / in Free = not present
* MIDI In: Free only for MID CC while Pro offers MIDI In for playing notes and triggering instruments

The registered Pro version will be available soon, the free version is available now.

“a highly versatile multipart music system with inbuilt cell step control sequencer for creating tracks of various types of music like Ambient or even soundtracks.” H.G. Fortune

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