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David Sosnowski launches Sosnowski Synthesizer, an analog-style software music synth for Windows.

- Windows XP/Vista

- Standalone player & VST

- 128 original preset sounds;
- plus three user sound banks

- Unlimited user-created sounds;
- easy to save and load

- Four multi-function oscillators
- (sine, triangle, square, sawtooth,
- and noise waveforms on each)

- Full filter control with dual LFO's
- and separate envelope control

- Onboard transposition plus
- global master tuning

- Designed for easy connection
- to any MIDI keyboard

- Built-in parametric EQ with
- visual interface

- Onboard basic 'scope aids sound
- shaping and leveling

- MIDI channel selectable 1-16
- plus omni mode

- Selectable enable of patch change,
- volume, and pan signals

- Onboard velocity keyboard

- Full 32-voice polyphony

- Zoomable interface (standalone
- player)

- Fullscreen display for performance
- venues (standalone player)

- Works with popular notation
- programs and sequencers

- Onboard sound treatment
- (chorus, reverb, echo, pan/x)

- Supports multiple instances

- Switchable elements for control
- of graphical load

- Pitchbend, MIDI, sustain pedal
- indication

Price: $49

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“The instrument is specifically designed to be equally at home as both a “performance synth” and in studio audio, sequencer, and notation work environments.” David Sosnowski

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  1. Clara03:35

    This software is cumbersome difficult to use. I did not like it at all and I have tried out a number of different Synthesizer softwares. This Sosnowski Synthesizer Software has been the worst.


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