Drum Machine: D16 Group - Nithonat


D16 Group have now released Nithonat, a drum machine for both Pc and Mac. Looks really cool.

fully synthesized drum sounds
additional parameters to get yet more control over the sound
many ways of controlling the device:
external mode
internal sequencer:
8 banks with 12 patterns per bank
each pattern up to 16 steps of length
each pattern defined with one of four available measures
shuffle mode
trigger out
global accent track
tap mode
chain mode
shuffle (swing) and tempo values defined per pattern
built in randomizer
patterns import/export via human readable xml files
two modes of synchronization:
precise synchronization to the host tempo
synchronization to internal clock - tempo controlled in the range 30-300 BPM
mutes/solos for each instrument
dynamic signal routing from instruments to outputs
drum kits organized into groups
midi learn function
64bit internal processing
Price: 65 euro

"Nithonat is a fully synthesized drum machine based on the classic 606." D16 Group

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