Effect: AriesCode – AriesVerb 0.7 beta / Pc / free


AriesCode launches beta version 0.7 of AriesVerb, a free multi-effects processor plugin for Windows. This effect is very usable.
Capable of:

Delays, Echoes and Reflections
Choruses and Flangers
Stereo Transformations
Body Resonances, Filters
Pitch shifting
FM effects


* Graphic User Interface. With an emphasis on 'graphic'. The user interface was designed to provide all the level of control needed while still being managable.

* SSE optimization. This was done for improved CPU efficiency. It also means that AriesVerb now needs at least a Pentium-3 processor or an Athlon-XP processor to run. It will also take advantage of SSE2 when it is available.

* Multitap mode. It is now possible to break up each of the 4 delay lines into 4 shorter lines in between branch points (taps), the lengths of which are the 'inner geometry'. Using this feature, the structure becomes a 4x4 matrix of 4x4 matrices (= 16x16), with an echo density suitable for the simulation of natural spaces.

* Envelope Follower. There now exists an envelope follower as alternative modulation source. Using this feature allows for gated reverb, duck reverb and all kinds of transient delay effects.

* Preset Library + Browser. AriesVerb now comes with over 100 presets in multiple categories, including the all new "Natural Environments" modeled after real impulse responses. AriesVerb follows the philosophy of presets being single .fxp files organized in folders, making it easy for the user to manage the library.

Read about previous version here.

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“AriesVerb is built on the foundations of a highly flexible algorithm” AriesCode

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