Effect: Audio Damage - Eos

Audio Damage unveils Eos, a reverb effect plugin.

» Three custom-designed algorithms: Plate 1 (mono in, stereo out), Plate 2 (true stereo), and Superhall (true stereo) built with modern production in mind.
» All standard reverb controls, including modulation rate and depth, attack, diffusion, and full control over the EQ and multipliers of the reverb tail.
» Infinite control for "freeze" effects.
» Unique visual controls designed for quick and easy programming.
» Low CPU usage compared to other algorithmic reverb plug-ins, and far lower than the average convolution 'verb.
» Full MIDI learn for hardware control of most parameters (VST only).

Price: US$49.00

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“consists of three high-quality custom-designed reverb algorithms, made with the modern production environment in mind” Audio Damage

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