Instrument: de la Mancha - Scylla


de la Mancha launches Scylla, a VST instrument with sample-playback & subtractive synthesis for Windows.

- Three layers of programmable audio sources
- Each layer consists of:
   - Sample player capable of loading full-length samples and custom waveforms
   - Oscillator
- Each sampler features:
   - Playback: Oscillate, Play-Once, Loop-Release
   - Basic audio playback features
   - Customizable Loop points
   - Granular and Wavetable playback
   - Loads any WAV format sample from your own library
- 96MB of sample content, including waveforms, samples and loops
- 128 presets
- All audio sources have independent tune, volume, and pan
- Ring-Modulation per layer
- Variable stage Filter per Layer
- Adjustable Amp and Filter Envelopes per layer
- Layer Assignable Granulator engine
- 2 layer assignable LFO effects for modulating ring-mod, cutoff (filter), and phase of one LFO
- Adjustable Global Amp Envelope
- Mix level of each audio source can be adjusted
- Mix level of each layer can be adjusted
- Master Volume
- Each audio source, envelope, ring-mod and filter can be switched off to save CPU
- Midi CC support

Price: $24

“can produce a wide variety of sonic possibilities ranging from lush pads to far-out soundscapes and effects via scorching leads and chunky bass” de la Mancha

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