Instrument: Mildon Studios - Lemonstrum 2

Lemonstrum 2

Mildon Studios unveils Lemonstrum 2, a VST instrument Acoustic Guitar Strummer for PC. Looks useful.

24 chord slots assignable with custom chords and keyboard triggers.
Create and edit your own chords.
Pre-configured with all major and minor chords
Variable strumming speed, release and bass-cut control
Drag and drop chord plotting / keyboard trigger plotting
Can load and save patches as FXB or FXP files
Global bypass / mute button for each string
Standard E-A-D-G-B-E tuning
Dedicated upstroke key (C3) for easy strumming
High-Quality 16-bit 44khz samples
Unlimited use
Price: $24.00

“lets you strum your midi keyboard just like a real guitar” Mildon Studios

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