Loop Slicer: de la Mancha - slix


de la Mancha launches slix, a randomizing loop slicer for Windows.

· Load any 16, 24 or 32 bit, mono or stereo wav file into the 4 loop slots
· 445 MB of original drum loop content (295 loops) by sink covering many electronic genres (breakbeat, dubstep, drum & bass, electro, 8 bit, lofi, vintage, IDM, FSU and glitch)
· Tempo-sync each loop by setting length in beats, allowing stretching or different lengths if desired
· Choose any number of slices per loop
· Slix plays when triggered by any midi note, with volume envelope per loop for fades
· 4 effects with independent parameters per loop
    . Reorder – plays slices out of sequence for variation per loop
    . Repeat – stutter effect by repeating slices
    . Reverse – play the slice backwards
    . Gate – add silent gaps into the loop
· Variation range to randomize probabilities
· Normalize and mono options per loop
· Stereo-out and Multi-out versions (slix and slix 4x4)
· Single loop version (slix one) for simpler applications or lower CPU
· 57 presets covering a range of sounds and styles

Price: $39

“Load any 4 loops, sync them to tempo, slice them up and then set probabilities that each loop will play and for each randomising effect per loop” de la Mancha

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