Synthesizer: H.G. Fortune - Swamp / PC / Pro / Free

H.G. Fortune presents Swamp, a VST synth for Windows.

- two digital oscillators running at a time to be selected from
- two PCM wave oscillators powered by 128 different waveforms or
- two additive wavetable generators to create various waves from up to 31 partials
- one resonant filter (24db Lowpass)
- four ADSR-style envelope generators
- X-Torsion, one Spook effect, one Gator (Gater) effect
- four LFO (bpm-synced)
- one dedicated Pitch LFO (bpm synced)
- one Sample & Hold (bpm-synced)
- one bpm-synced Delay
- XY Supermodulation Pad

Price: The enhanced Pro version with 10 voices costs 25 euro. There is also a free version available.

"All in all Swamp delivers a wide variety of sounds even to some really strange and weird ones if you want these." H.G. Fortune

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