Synthesizer: Kriminal - Krolar SX-2 / Pc / Free


Kriminal unveils Krolar SX-2, a free VSTi synth for Windows.

OSC1: sine/saw/pulse
OSC2: saw/pulse/noise
SubOsc: square
4pole LP self oscillating filter
Modulator (LFO): sine/square/S&H with rate and delay
AutoBend: begins below/above (-2/+2 octaves) key pressed and slides to that pitch
PWM: LFO/Man/Env - the slider adjust the pulse width or the amount of LFO/Env modulation
Pitch Mod: controls amount of pitch modulation by the LFO
Tuning: OSC2 has its own tuning section, Wide and Narrow

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“Krolar SX-2 has a small red button (top right) that allows you to switch from monophonic (low note priority) to polyphonic (6 voices)” Kriminal

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