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KX77FREE launches KX-Synth-X16-V2, a FREE vintage modular polyphonic synth for Windows. See all the features down below!

Three variable shape oscillators,tweaked to simulate the color and bandwidth of Vcs3's oscillators.
16*16 pin matrix with feedback connections.
LP filter, 18 db per octave with self oscillating.
Noise generator with EQ.
Ring modulation.
Two external inputs.
XY joystick.
Polyphony up to 6 voices.
Total control of the polyphony features with the extended KXMOD system.
Each voice can be controlled with RELATIVE parameters (KXMOD).
Analog sequencer (CV & gate) with a memory of 256 CV and 256 gates, files saved on disk, 2 accent lines, random clock, keyboard input to transpose or to reccord the CV.
Mini knobs to adjust each matrix modulation, 0 to 1.
Modern skin with notepad and variable color background.
Html help file.
You can adjust the response curve of the oscillators.
The original ASR (trapezoid) is extended to 2 ADSR with Attack Reset mode, Host and internal sequencer synchronization.
Delay fx with host synchronization and lfo modulation. It replaces the original spring reverb.
LFO, Sample & Hold and third ADSR envelope added (monophonic modulations), they can replace the external inputs (In1, In2).
Keyboard scalers.
X Y matrix Midi controllers.
All main parameters have a Midi CC controller.
Velocity  to  envelope  segments, cut off and volume.
Midi in splitter.
Omni Midi output to control external monophonic instruments
and build polyphonic ensemble, each instrument is one voice.
Sequencer Midi ouput.
KX presets:
27 polyphonic instruments
12 unison presets
36 monophonic presets (v 1.04)
17 sequencer demos
14 tutorial and initialization presets

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“A virtual analog based on the VCS3 structure” KX77FREE

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