Audio Editor: Audacity v1.3.8 (Beta) / Pc / Mac / Linux / Free

Version 1.3.8 (Beta) of the great free audio editor Audacity for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/Unix has been released.
Some of the changes in this release:

VST Effects now display GUI by default
Faster Equalization and Noise Removal; improved Truncate Silence and Click Track
Chains applied to files now clear temporary data after processing each file
Updated Nyquist implementation with support for SAL syntax and improved memory management
Plot Spectrum now analyzes up to 237.8 seconds of audio, with separate windows for each project and improved display; new preferences for Spectrograms
Contrast Analysis tool now modeless for easier use

Draft Manual/Quick Help included in Windows and Mac installers
New "Mixer Board" view with per-track VU meters
Mute, solo, gain, pan and track height saved in projects
More compact Preferences window with easier-to-use Keyboard tab and new toolbars shortcuts
New Screenshot Tools and improved screen reader support

Record more than 16 channels (hardware/drivers permitting)
Improved support for non-mmap ALSA devices such as PulseAudio
32-bit float data over 0 dB now handled without clipping
"Stop" option when importing preserves already imported data
AMR NB export now supported if the optional FFmpeg library is installed
Faster waveform drawing and better response in multi-track projects

Export Multiple: failed if empty label encountered; files silenced if overwriting imported WAV files without copying them in
Metadata Editor hidden if it was on a now unavailable second monitor
Misaligned audio after "Split New" or Noise Removal effect
Incorrect label movement and paste with linked audio and label tracks
Equalization, Cut Preview and Advanced Mixing Options dialogue
(Linux) Mixer Toolbar should now adjust levels and select input sources properly
"Audio cache" preference caused crashes - data is now only cached in memory if available RAM is above a level defined in preferences
Various other crashes

You can read more about Audacity in a previous version here.

“Audacity is free, open source PC, Mac, Linux software for recording and editing sounds.” Audacity

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