Effect: ArtsAcoustic - ArtsAcoustic Reverb

ArtsAcoustic Reverb

ArtsAcoustic launches ArtsAcoustic Reverb 1.5, a high quality reverb effect for both Pc and Mac.
This version have these changes:

- New: 3 new Room Types: dense, slapback, wide
- New: improved preset menu
* no delay when opening the menu for the first time
* current preset path is indicated by a bullet
- New: protection routines (new serial numbers are needed)
- New: mute/unmute the Dry/Wet Controls using Alt+Click
- New: 90 additional factory presets
- Fixed: loud noise bug
- Fixed: a crash when closing AU with open editor
- Fixed: AU channel negotiation code
- Fixed: unnecessary redraws of ui
- Fixed: when MouseWheel preference was disabled mouse over would not work anymore
- Fixed: new serial screen that fixes a Cubase 5.0 issue
- Updated: Documentation
- PC: Some minor fixes

You can read more about this Reverb in a previous release here.
Price: 189 $

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“this plugin is a highly advanced, but easy to use algorithmic reverb, so no convolution is involved.” ArtsAcoustic

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