Free Music Making Software In Real-Time! Comment & “Like” what you see directly from this page!

This page has a real-time stream from the FriendFeed Group Music Making. The stream shows the latest FREE music making software for Pc, Mac, Linux, or the latest activity (like comments or “likes”) on one of the entries. When a user do that, the entry goes to the top of the list again.
If you want to comment or “like” an entry, you must have a FriendFeed account (find more info about friendfeed here) and be logged in.
Feel free to join the “Music Making” group too :)
If you do join you can post your own music (even upload MP3 files!), post links to music making programs, discuss, comment and “like” all the entries! Come on, It’s fun! There is already 33 members in this group at the moment.
You can also post your Press-Releases in the group if you have made a cool music making app. It doesn't have to be free because the Music Making group is for everything related to music making. The Stream below is a filtered stream with only free soft though.
The Real-Time Stream with FREE Music Making Software:
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