Sample Player: de la Mancha - ballistic


de la Mancha presents ballistic, a 15 slot drum sample player for Windows.

· Plays any 16, 24 or 32 bit stereo / mono WAV files from RAM for low CPU
· 15 sample slots, each triggered by user-definable midi note
· 4 choke groups, each slot can be assigned to a group and be cut by a group
· Each sample can be tuned in tenths of semitones
· Mute and solo for each sample
· Volume and panning per sample
· Sample reverse
· Sample slot normalisation
· Selectable mono/stereo
· Lo-fi option
· Sample audition button
· Multi-out capable, 15 stereo outputs for routing to individual mixer channels in your host
· 637 samples (76 MB)

Price: $10

“Simple but effective, it boasts flexible midi triggers, sample audition, sample tuning, 4 choke groups, mute/solo options, sample reverse, sample normalisation, a lofi option and several kits of samples” de la Mancha

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