Sampler: Native Instrument – Kontakt 3.5


Native Instruments launches Kontakt 3.5, a major update to a awesome sampler instrument for both Pc and Mac.
Some of the Changes:
Full support for 64-bit memory addressing in both Windows and Mac OS X.
A completely re-designed sample playback engine.
Provides true multi-processor / multi-core support.
Now features MIDI Learn function for all sliders and knobs including Performance Views.
Integrates a visually enhanced library tab that now makes browsing and loading samples and libraries quicker and easier.
Misc: A bypass button for effect slots, localized info pane in six languages, improved automapping, Pro Tools compatibility under Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, aftertouch interpretation added to KSP, a Play cursor for Beat Machine mode in Wave Editor and enhanced REX file support.

Price: Free for registered Kontakt 3 users!

Read about Kontakt 3 here.

"The outstanding audio engine and state of-the-art modular architecture provide unlimited sonic potential for your music." Native Instruments

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