Synthesizer: Sonic at Work - TrancerOne XT


Sonic at Work launches TrancerOne XT, a virtual analog Synth PlugIn for Windows.

- 4 Oscillators

- Mixer Section

- Multimode Filter with Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Bandreject

- 2 ADSR envelopes for filter and amp


- 3 FX, they can be used simultaneously

* reverb

* delay MIDI synchronized

* chorus -NEW-

- velocity with ON/OFF button -NEW-

- pan -NEW-

- auto pan -NEW-

- glide (portamento)

- mono mode

- amp mode

- bend range

- arpeggiator -NEW-

- rhythmic gater -NEW-

Price: 27,95 €

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“The TrancerOne XT is a consistent further development of our popular TrancerOne synthesizer plugin” Sonic at Work

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