Synthesizer: Tekky Synths - AcCeLeRaToR


Tekky Synths unveils AcCeLeRaToR, a new VSTi synth for Windows.


- 1x Preset manager

- 1x Master gain

- 2x WaveDraw OSC

- 1x Host Sync/Manual Sync WaveDraw LFO pitch modulation

- 1x Host Sync gater/chopper

- 1x Filter section

- 1x Moog filter type to round up the sound

4x chained overdrive modules

- 1x MultiFX section (Phazer/flanger/chorus/stereo widener/3d spacialiser/delay)

- 1x Random FX button

- Full easy midi learn

Price: 30€

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“AcCeLeRaToR - Accelerated synth parts” Tekky Synths

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