Drum Machine: Amidio - JR Hexatone Pro

JR Hexatone Pro

Amidio presents JR Hexatone Pro, a music app for the iPhone!
They has developed it in collaboration with the keyboardist and musician Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater. Cool! :)
It’s a kind of 6-directional drum machine/rhythm sequencer.
Create cool rythms and then export them to Intua Beatmaker / desktop DAW via the built-in Wi-Fi server.


Full stereo 44.1kHz/ 32Bit internal sound processing
ZERO latency
One-screen editing
On-The-Fly Session Editing
16Bit, 44.1 kHz .WAV / .CAF export


Stutter, Chorus FX
Destrukto: a carefully blended combination of Noise, Bitcrushing and Destruction
InstantIDM: hold your finger in the center of the screen and watch the field fill up with random Cell commands.
Randomize Samples
Upload many samples at once to the wi-fi server by zipping them.

Price: $9.99

“Hexatone is something completely unique and different, and now everybody can create insanely addictive, constantly changing rhythms” Amidio

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