Effect: 112dB - Redline Equalizer

Redline Equalizer
112dB launches Redline Equalizer, a parametric equalizer for both Windows and Mac. Looks great!

Five fully parametric EQ bands with up to 60dB of boost/cut.
Two bands switchable to high/low-shelving response with adjustable overshoot.
Dedicated lowpass/highpass sections with selectable steepness from 6 to 48dB/oct.
Eight selectable custom EQ algorithms.
Fully de-cramped EQ response curves with center frequencies up to 28 kHz.
Variable phase shift from 0% (linear phase) to 100%.
Mono, stereo, dual-mono and mid/side modes.
Auto gain makeup.
Dynamic EQ functionality.
Dedicated harmonic distortion section.
Customizable gain/Q dependency.
Zoomable EQ response display with built-in spectrum analyzer.
Support for sample rates up to 384kHz.
Full parameter automation.

Price: €99.00

"Combining mastering-quality processing with unrivaled workflow" 112dB

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