Synthesizers: FXpansion - DCAM: Synth Squad

Fxpansion DCAM: Synth Squad

FXpansion announces DCAM: Synth Squad, a suite of advanced synthesizer instruments for both Pc and Mac. Looks awesome and are not so expensive.

At the heart of DCAM: Synth Squad are 3 modeled synthesizers - Strobe, Amber and Cypher.

Fusor, a versatile sound-design environment that can layer and keysplit 3 instances of the DCAM synths, is also included. It provides a variety of ways to add new dimensions to your sounds with effects, extra modulation and an advanced step-sequencer/arpeggiator.

DCAM: Synth Squad is available for USD 249, EUR 189, GBP 157 excluding taxes where applicable.

"Introducing an evolutionary leap in software synthesis technology." FXpansion

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