Audio Editor: Audacity v1.3.9 Beta Released / Pc / Mac / Linux / Free

Version 1.3.9 (Beta) of the free awesome audio editor Audacity for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/Unix has been released.
Changes in this release:

Crash, slow launch or excessive CPU/memory use arising from automatic VST support:
VST instrument plug-ins should now be correctly ignored
VST effects now scanned only at start of first session that detects them, then cached
Effects are now not loaded or opened until needed
New "Effects" tab in Preferences to enable/disable VST effects and enable VST rescan on next launch
Default View Mode now works
Chains now always apply their stored parameters rather than those last used in Effect menu
Non-MP3 files imported via drag or Recent Files caused crash if filter in file open window set to MP3
AAC exports (using the optional FFmpeg library) silenced
Generating audio always fitted the project in the window; fit now done only if generating in new track
View menu items/shortcuts incorrectly disabled when playing or recording
DTMF generator defaulted to zero duration on open
Unwanted interactions between linked audio and label tracks
(Windows XP) Failure to launch on some machines due to "incorrect configuration" issue
(Windows) Crash importing a stereo file while a screen reader such as JAWS is running
(Mac OS X) :
Audio Units effects applied to all tracks in project even if not selected
QuickTime importer now handles files greater than 16-bit or 64000 Hz
Various other interface bugs
Compressor: new option to compress based on peaks, improved attack and decay time support
Mixer Board: improved design, more responsive meters and now interacts fully with Track Panel in main window

You can read more about Audacity in a previous version here.

“Audacity is free, open source PC, Mac, Linux software for recording and editing sounds.” Audacity

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